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Jul 25

The Spanish Moss Coat Finale

IT IS FINISHED! Yes, it is about time, too.  I knit the last few rows of trim on the drive to church this morning, and worked on the cast off on the drive home.  Once home, I wove in the last few ends, reinforced the buttonholes, and sewed on the buttons. Et voila! As you …

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Jul 20

The Mission: Learn Something New

Today I got to the buttonhole band on my Spanish Moss Coat.  I’d never cast on stitches while in the middle of a project before, and realized rather quickly that my old standby of the long tail cast on was not going to work in this situation.  (I had only recently learned my second ever …

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Jul 19

Big Project Milestones

I finally reached a noticeable milestone on my Spanish Moss Coat today.  All of the crochet is finished, and I am now on to the knit border.  The sleeves are already finished and I’m about halfway done with one side front. Of course, when I start to think of all that is left to do …

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Jun 05


I made a good deal of progress on the second sleeve of my Spanish Moss coat this morning.  Still a ways to go, but I’m really looking forward to starting to assemble the pieces.  I’m also getting pretty motivated by the change in weather; this coat would be the perfect weight for the morning chill …

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May 23

The great thing about yarn is…

It’s oh so portable.  I’ve had the most insane week at work, with a field trip, the spring musical production, and evening class…and then I came down with a head cold to make it all even more complicated. Yet, my projects were with me all the way.  On the field trip, I started my second …

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May 15

WIP limbo

I’m feeling the need to finish a project already!  Of course, nothing is even close to being wearable. My first Vogue stocking is nearing completion, but I need to finish a whole other sock before I can wear them.  I am getting very close to the point where I want to try them on to …

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Apr 19

The Doldrums

I’m at that point in my two major projects when progress seems infinitesimal.  It doesn’t help that they are both projects that have naturally slow progress (at least for me); the Zarabel sweater is knit, which already slows me down, with lace panels and cable panels that slow me down a bit further; the Spanish …

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Mar 27


There really is something to be said for having multiple projects going at once.  Aside from simple PADD (project attention deficit disorder), I’ve found that it keeps me from sore hands as well. That’s never been  more apparent to me than today.  My husband and I did about two hours’ worth of yard work in …

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Mar 22


I realize that I haven’t posted in quite sometime but, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I have many crafts that I indulge in.  Most recently, I’ve been pulled away by a couple of major sewing projects as well as a new hobby–book making. It all started because I need more college credits to move …

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Mar 01

Narrowing down the UFO pile

So, I got the Dove Vest finished and delivered.  It’s pretty, but not something I’d wear myself.  I loved the stitch pattern though, so I’m kind of toying with the idea of trying to modify the pattern to better flatter my shape.  I probably won’t act on that thought, but I wouldn’t be opposed to …

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