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Paying Attention to the Details

In preparing for this year’s Costume College, I decided to return to working on my striped summer bustle.  I’m using Truly Victorian pattern 401 for the blouse, and while I absolutely adore their patterns, I realized today that their instructions are really the bare minimum.  Case in point: if I did not have extensive experience …

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I Promised You Pictures

And here they are.  Unfortunately, I did not get any more work done today.  It was pretty much all I could do to make it to an appointment with my OB today and to the library to return a book for Kevin.  After that, the couch was my friend. But without further ado, here are …

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Beginning of the Summer Bustle

I apologize for not having pictures today, but I haven’t gotten far enough to photograph anything yet. Still, I’m pretty proud of how much I did accomplish today.  Not only did I get the skirt cut out, but I started on the major seams.  Unfortunately, cutting means I was on my feet for quite a …

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