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Aug 30


I finally finished the knitted portion of the summerland sweater.  Now I’m simply flying through the crocheted trim.  I’ve already finished the two long sections that trim the neckline/top of sleeve area.  Then I realized that I’d better attach those and get the sides sewn up before working on the rest of the trim…it’s just …

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Aug 10

Summerland Side 1

I managed to finish the first half of the Summerland sweater last weekend.  So far it is looking like it will fit well…mostly.  Around me, it will be perfect; I’m very glad I added width to accommodate my bust measurement.  What I didn’t think about, however, was that it would also affect the width and …

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Aug 02

It’s looking like a…well…um…

The Summerland sweater still does not look like a sweater.  I’m getting very close to the point that the pattern says to cast on for the sleeves.  Only problem is that if I cast on at that point, this sweater is only going to reach slightly past my waist.  In the picture, the band of …

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Jul 31

1923 Summerland Sweater

Today has been a very long day of cleaning, cooking, and spending time with friends, and now I have absolutely no energy left for uploading pictures, so I apologize in advance, but I have two new projects to blog about, starting with my new historical project. While I’m still not entirely certain that I’ll make …

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