Tag: Victorian Corset

Aug 12

Sadness and Frustration

So, although my 1840’s corset is looking awesome, I’m not happy with it.  I’m really kicking myself about it too, because I KNEW I should have waited until I had my usual lining fabric before proceeding, but I talked myself into using fabric I had on hand.  Grrr.  The problem right now is that the …

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Aug 07

Mock Up Central.

I LOVE when fittings go well. Like many others, I came home from CoCo with so many ideas.  First up, I need to work on a new outfit (or outfits) for Dickens Fair.  Bridget has been suggesting for a little over a year that I make a day bodice to go with my Eugenie dress. …

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Nov 25

Taking Inventory

I’m starting to wonder if I’ll really have time to make the bodice before going to Dickens.  I was counting on getting the bulk of the work done this week, but realistically, that’s just not going to happen. I did get my mock up done this morning, but my fitting buddy is out of town …

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Nov 23

Too Much of a Good Thing

My wrists are completely shot.  It started while I was working on the eyelets for the corset…all the twisting and pressure I had to put on the awl took a toll.  But then I just pushed to finish the eyelets and went directly back to knitting…also not the easiest task on the wrists. I did …

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Nov 21

Thought I’d be Done by Now

At least the corset now has a busk, which is the peskiest part for me.  Part of me wants to go back out and work on it a bit more, but the lazy part of me is a little louder right now. On the other hand, I’ve only got four seams to go before I …

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Nov 20

Plenty of Distractions

I spent most of this week watching all of the Harry Potter movies so that I’d be ready to go see the new one on Friday night.  Needless to say, very little sewing got done.  However, I did manage to almost finish an entire sock.  I’m not entirely thrilled with the yarn or the pattern, …

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Nov 16

Only in My Dreams

I had a dream last night that I found my camera.  Needless to say, I was somewhat disappointed when I woke up. But in actual sewing news, I went straight to Joann’s after work yesterday and picked up a bottomweight poly/cotton for my corset.  (I know I should stick with 100% cotton, but I find …

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Nov 14

Nothing to See Here.

I was waiting to update until I had uploaded some pictures from my last couple of projects/events.  This long Veterans’ Day weekend was going to be the perfect time to do so.  Unfortunately, when I went looking for my camera, it was nowhere to be found.  I suspect I lost it at the Bal des …

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