Tag: Vogue lace stockings

Jun 01

Reaching the Turning Point

I finished Vogue stocking number one!  Yay! And I’ve already reached the heel of the second.  Now this was my first fiddly bit with the first one…the first time my lace pattern went a bit wonky.  I was, therefore, determined that it would not happen again.  No dice.  Same spot, different problem, similar effect.  Not …

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May 23

The great thing about yarn is…

It’s oh so portable.  I’ve had the most insane week at work, with a field trip, the spring musical production, and evening class…and then I came down with a head cold to make it all even more complicated. Yet, my projects were with me all the way.  On the field trip, I started my second …

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May 15

WIP limbo

I’m feeling the need to finish a project already!  Of course, nothing is even close to being wearable. My first Vogue stocking is nearing completion, but I need to finish a whole other sock before I can wear them.  I am getting very close to the point where I want to try them on to …

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May 03

Lace success…maybe.

So, I needed a new small project to take with me this past weekend and decided that I was ready to tackle the Vogue stockings again.  I’ve got a little more lace experience under my belt now, and had gained a new strategy for dealing with those pesky k3togs.  (The Zarabel sweater pattern has you …

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Apr 19

The Doldrums

I’m at that point in my two major projects when progress seems infinitesimal.  It doesn’t help that they are both projects that have naturally slow progress (at least for me); the Zarabel sweater is knit, which already slows me down, with lace panels and cable panels that slow me down a bit further; the Spanish …

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Sep 12

Starting a “Save My Sanity” Project

I’m beginning to think that the Vogue Stockings are a doomed project.  Attempt number three, while improved, has been side-lined by a dropped stitch.  Now, I’m adept enough that I can salvage a dropped stitch, say in stockinette or garter stitch, but not in this lace pattern.  Plus, I didn’t realized I’d dropped it until …

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Sep 04

Metal Makes a Difference

Of course, I already knew this, but sometime it takes hitting your head against a brick wall to remind yourself that it’s hard.  The metal needles are making a significant difference in my progress on the Vogue stockings.  It is slightly easier to get into the k2togs and k3togs.  Still a bit of work, but …

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Aug 24

Lace Frustrations.

I’ve been working on the Vogue lace stockings as I wrap things up on the Log Cabin baby blanket, and I must say that I’m frustrated again.  The last two rows have been especially troublesome, as I’m back to having mysteriously disappearing stitches.  I know it’s just that I’m not paying close enough attention, but …

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Aug 13

A Travelling Knitter

I’ve been away for a bit, but you probably gathered that with the gap in posts.  That, of course, does not mean I have not been doing something or other with yarn.  I brought the Herringbone Rib socks with me to San Diego; there was plenty of down time during the conference to work on …

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