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We don’t need no stinkin’ mock-ups!

  As a historical costumer, I almost always do mock-ups well before cutting into my fashion fabric.  There are always little kinks to work out of any pattern, and I want to go through that process using cheap fabric that I don’t care about rather than my precious fabric that will be used for the final, […]

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Feeling a Little Like Summer

  Work still kind of sucked today, but my afternoon actually felt like a normal summer day.  I ran some errands as soon as I got home, and then went out to my studio.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it felt good to feel like I’m getting something done other than work. The […]

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All work and all play makes me tired.

  I haven’t been getting enough sleep. This was painfully apparent last night. By the time I got home from work, I had a pounding headach3 that would only subside when I laid down and closed my eyes. A bit of dinner also helped, and a couple of Advil, but I’m sure a full eight hours […]

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Sweet Relief

  It was so nice to go home last night and be able to do anything I wanted or needed to do.  I spent about an hour in the back yard, trimming plants and cutting the edges of the grass.  (K does the main mowing, but the weedwacker is my gig.)  I wanted to also start […]

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  I was thinking of building up to the announcement, but I’m just too excited. Yes, all that hard work paid off; we won best in show. It was so amazing. We had been so stressed out about it. Our documentation barely got in on time (rather funny story of Lana and I zooming down the […]

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  What a whirlwind last night was… I got home early and was going to get right to work, but my Costume College class registration packet had arrived, so I had to get that filled out and back in the mail right away.  That took a while to look through all the limited classes and select […]

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Updated to-do list

  Before I leave work: Trim and whipstitch the armscye seam. Finish whipstitching inside seams. Once I get home: Attach skirt. Touch up wig curls. Sew in wig clips. Find hair attachment for Cranach gown. Redo bouquet. Make placket. Dye hair. Make and attach bows. Pack. Check into hotel. Drive home. Yes, I know those last […]

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CC26 or Bust!

  Illness has delayed my progress a bit, so now I’m frantically trying to get things finished for the masquerade. I still need to: Hand sew the back of the piping to the bodice lining. (1 hour) Hand sew eyelets. (3 hours) Finish the undersleeves. (1 hour) Finish oversleeve embroidery. (1 hour) Attach under and over […]

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The Reveal

  Ta Da!   Yes, it was about time!  My long hair was looking damaged and frizzy and I kept thinking, “What would Liz say?!”  Yes, Liz, the hair monitor in my head will forever speak with your voice. 🙂  Trust me, though, it’s a good thing. Oh, and I finally snapped a picture of the […]

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Lost and Found

  A colleague of mine found the Dreamweaver CD that we have a site license for, so now I can load it on my laptop.  YAY!  This means updates.  YAY!  Well….sort of.  This means that I can start working on a page for my secret project, but you won’t be able to see it until after […]

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