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Okay, I'll admit it...I always get carried away with the planning and never manage to accomplish all that I had hoped. Fortunately, that in no way diminishes the fun of planning!



18th century dress for GBACG event. I started making pocket hoops at Costume College, so those should be a cinch to finish. Also, since I have so long to plan, I'd like to make a quilted petticoat.

Update: This event has been moved to August...that means more time to sew!


Empire gown for BAERS/GBACG event. I've done a Regency gown, but I'd really like to tackle this earlier period. The catch will be to make it using fabric and patterns I already have. (I'm determined not to spend a ton of money this year!)

Update: Ha! Plans have already changed. I bought a fabric that is pleading to be made into a Regency cross-over bodice day dress , so that's what I'll make. I also hope to finally get a spencer made.


1890s dress for GBACG event. This really is one of my favorite eras.

Update: The event itself has been pushed back to 2007, so this costume will most likely also be pushed back to make room for something else...

August (Costume College) Since I've already got so much on my plate, I'm only going to plan one gown for this event and then just bring along stuff that's already finished. For the gala, I want to make a 1910s evening gown with tons of beading.
September German Renaissance dress for GBACG day at the faire. This one has been on hold for a while, but I'd really like to get it done this year.
October Victorian time traveler for GBACG event. This one hasn't really inspired me yet, but I've got plenty of time to get the bug.
December Let's have another go at the early 1850s dress for Dickens Fair. I'd really like to be able to wear the bonnet I have, but I keep getting side-tracked. It also hasn't helped that I just haven't had time to do the gown justice, so I don't even bother beginning.
Other Stuff

My mom is making two wedding dresses for my cousins, which I'll be expected to lend a hand with.
Many of my older costumes now need to be altered to fit me again. Definite alteration projects include my red dress and my natural form day and afternoon bodices.


Finishing my 17th Century gown.
Dickens' outfits for my brothers.
1930's dress for Gatsby.
Teens day dress for Costume College.
New bodice for my blue renaissance dress.
Ren. outfits for family/friends.
Some sort of bustle dress. (It's really about time!)
Regency spencer.
Something medieval that uses huge amounts of fabric.
Can-can costume.
Edwardian froufy dress.


Retrospective 2005

I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I'd hoped this year, mostly because of my thesis, but here is a synopsis of the few things that did get done.


Natural Form Evening Bodice

Nineties Evening Dress (the Red Dress) (trimming)

Sophisticated Satin

A Day at the Races

"Original" Jedi

The Good Dress

Stripes and Paislies


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